This happened at LXDCON Asia 2017

By Niels Floor
November 25, 2017
Category: lx design

If you want to learn, you need to try new things. That's exactly what we did by organising the first Asian learning experience design conference in Singapore. Let me share my personal experience wi... Continue reading

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Experience mapping for education part I

By Niels Floor
August 27, 2017
Category: lx design
Think of a company you love. Chances are that you don’t just love their products or services, but the complete customer experience they offer. Maybe it’s fast delivery, valuable advice or an excellent... Continue reading
Tags: learner journey experience mapping

LX Design Conference Magazine 2017

By Niels Floor
April 10, 2017
Category: lx design

Relive the second annual learning experience design conference with this online LX2017 magazine.

It was a great day with wonderful people and amazing experiences. A special thanks to the... Continue reading

Tags: lx2017 magazine

Three things I've learned from the second annual LX design conference.

By Niels Floor
March 20, 2017
Category: lx design

There is so much that I've lear... Continue reading

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