The 5th annual LX design conference


June 3, 4 & 5 2020

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Visit the leading learning experience design conference for educational and creative professionals.

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The Human Touch

A truly memorable learning experience is more than educational. It’s a personal experience that touches you.

As technology advances and changes the way we learn we might sometimes overlook the fact that learning is about people and the experiences they learn from. No matter how digitized, automized or virtualized a learning experience may be, it is still a human experience.

The theme for LXDCON 2020 is “the human touch” and during this event we are going to explore how the human aspects of learning experience design can really make a difference in people’s lives.

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Our aim is to make part of LXDCON 2020 a user generated conference. We believe you are all experts and we would like you to share your expertise.

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June 3

LX Design Masterclass


After last years' sold out masterclass we are excited to anounce the LX design masterclass is back. Get hands on with the core concepts of learning experience design under the guidance of LX design pioneer Niels Floor.

Learning experience design (LX design) is a versatile and challenging design discipline. It requires expertise from both the field of design and the field of learning. During this intensive masterclass you’ll get familiar with all the fundamentals of LX design and bring the worlds of design and learning closer together.

Prior knowledge of LX design is not required for this masterclass, yet it is very welcome. And there’s time to ask questions and dig in deeper to the specifics of LX design that matter to you.

Program June 3:

9:00 Morning

  • Check in with coffee or tea
  • Introduction to LX design
  • Design sprint from idea to prototype
  • Design test and feedback

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Afternoon

  • Introduction to the Learning Experience Canvas
  • Design research and analysis
  • Design strategy
  • Learner journey
  • Feedback and reflection

16:30 Wrap up

Lunch, drinks and materials are included.
Seats are limited!

June 4 & 5



How can a personal touch contribute to designing a learning experience? That's what we are going to debate, discover and design during the fifth annual learning experience design conference!

Learning is all about making connections. A great learning experience makes a connection on a personal and emotional level. Because how you feel influences how you learn. 

Make your own selection of talks, design sessions and experiences for a personal and powerful learning journey.

Program June 4:

Get ready to get hands on with learning experience design during the first day of LXDCON 2020.

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome

10:00 Keynote

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Morning sessions

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 Afternoon sessions: talks and workshops with coffee breaks

17:30 Wrap up

Program June 5:

On the second day we are going to continue where we left off on day one. Through debate and design you can build on what you've already learned to broaden and deepen your understanding of LXD.

09:00 Entry

09:30 Welcome

10:00 Sessions: talks and workshops

12:30 Wrap up with a lunch

The official program will be shared soon.
Lunch, drinks and materials are included.

Do you want to contribute to LXDCON with your own workshop or keynote? Answer our call for action!
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This year LXDCON will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Located in a building of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU):

Hogeschool Utrecht PL101

Padualaan 101

3584 CH Utrecht

The Netherlands


LXDCON is initiated by:

We, Shapers, are pioneers in the field of learning experience design. We believe in the power of well crafted experiences to elevate the quality of learning. That's why we apply, train and promote learning experience design around the globe.

Partner of LXDCON 2020:

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is the main partner of LXDCON 2020. The HU is a place where thousands of people come to study, work, do research and to get together. At HU education, research and profession meet. With a tangible impact on the future.